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Key Topics: Success stories in Poland; Overseas meat from torturous production originating from Argentina; Animal rescue at the last moment. (German version only)
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DOSSIER: Export of live animals

Export of live animals from EU to non-EU countries.

Horsemeat from torturous production.

Big Castration Week in Poland

In the week commencing 02.-06.03.2015, the Tierschutzbund Zurich enabled the castration of overall 337 animals. Thereof 124 were dogs and 213 cats. Furthermore, all dogs were chipped and registered. The campaign was offered in four communes with whom we cooperate already for a long time. Thereby, the TSB finances the castration costs whereas the communes defray the chipping and the registrations of the dogs into the database. Lost dogs can in this way be assigned to their owners.
The TSB believes it is to get down to the root of the problem of the many abandoned dogs and cats. Animal owners should learn to treat their pets responsible and not let them bring offspring into the world, which than has to struggle day after day for life. Still, many pet owners in this region have reservations against castration of their animals in this region and many can just not afford it. The huge interest in this successful week of castration shows us, that we were able to reduce reservations and that the reproduction of many animals was prevented. 

European Parliament discusses suffering of pigs during CO2 stunning Commission refuses responsibility

Strasbourg 13.03.2015. European animal welfare organisations and political parties have been criticising the stunning of slaughter pigs with carbon dioxide for years. The CO2 stunning is, from the point of view of animal welfare, a “torturous stunning method, because the pigs suffer from pain and panic for up to 60 seconds”, says project manager Sabrina Gurtner, Animal Welfare Foundation. Already 10 years ago, the European Food Safety Authority EFSA asked the Member States to phase out stunning by CO2, as it is no humane method. “Now the European Parliament has for the first time addressed this topic”, declares Sabrina Gurtner pleased.

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15.1.2015 - Milestone: EU stops the import of horsemeat from Mexico

Last year, our animal welfare coalition presented the results of a long-term investigation into horsemeat production in North and South America to the EU Commission. A recent audit of the FVO (Food and Veterinary Office of the EU) in Mexico has now confirmed what we had documented. Beside problems regarding traceability and food safety, the FVO for the first time also highlights serious animal welfare violations. The audit report confirms our criticisms: “While EU requirements regarding Animal Welfare during transport are not applicable in third countries, the findings of this audit corroborate information received from various nongovernmental organisations and confirm the very poor conditions in which horses are transported.” As a result of the FVO audit, the EU Commission decided last December to stop horsemeat imports from Mexico. This ban is an important step forward, but it is only the first step towards stopping the import of horsemeat from torturous production. The violations against animal welfare and lack of consumer protection seen in Canada, Argentina and Uruguay are similar to the situation in Mexico. Horses are systematically abused and there are no lifelong records of medical treatments. Our animal welfare coalition calls upon the EU Commission to stop all horsemeat imports from these countries, as they do not meet EU standards.



27.11.2014 Discussion about horsemeat imports with EU Members of Parliament

Sabrina Gurtner, project manager TSB|AWF, talks to EU parliamentarians about animal welfare violations at the horsemeat production overseas.

At the invitation of the European Parliament’s Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals, we give a speech about horsemeat imports from overseas into the EU. 26 MEPs (Member of the European Parliament), 15 parliamentary assistants and 19 guests attend this meeting. Michael Scannell, director of the FVO (Food and Veterinary Office of the EU) is also present. He confirms that transport conditions in Mexico are totally unacceptable and that US horses arrive dead or non-ambulatory at the Mexican slaughter plants. He announces that the EU Commission, following some very difficult negotiations with the Mexican authorities, will soon take a decision regarding imports of horsemeat from Mexico but also from Canada into the EU.

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